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Retail Sales Academy

Selling is the #1 activity in every retail store. This customer-focused sales system - the 6 Steps to the Perfect Purchase - leads to happier customers, more confident employees, and higher sales!

Created by WhizBang! Training

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Great Selling Is Great Customer Service

Get customer-focused sales training that leads to happier customers, more confident employees, and higher sales!

Selling is the #1 activity in every retail store which is why the Retail Sales Academy and our exclusive 6 Steps To The Perfect Purchase selling system is THE KEY to both significant sales increases and a better customer experience.

In This Course You'll Learn:

  1. The Perfect Purchase: What makes a Perfect Purchase and the 4 milestones of a Perfect Purchase.

  2. 6 Steps to helping your customers leave with a Perfect Purchase - each and every time!

  3. A complete mindset shift about selling and why it is the most important part of every retail store.

Designed For:


All Industries


Assortment Planning, Customer Service, Digital Marketing, Financial Management, Inventory Management, Marketing, Personal Development, Product Training, Selling, Staff Development, Store Operations and Visual Merchandising


Employees, Managers and Owners

About This Course

Sales training impacts every single transaction in your store - every single day, every single minute you are open, with every single customer. If your customers aren’t leaving your store with their Perfect Purchase they may simply drift away… never to be seen again.

Simply put, without a team full of well-trained selling superstars you’re losing money on every single sale.

But selling done the right way is so much fun for your customers, so satisfying and enjoyable that they become raving loyal fans who shop with you over and over again.

The good news is that retail selling is a skill that anyone can learn.

Sure, some people are more naturally adept at selling – those are probably your best salespeople right now – but everyone can learn how to be a great salesperson.

The Retail Sales Academy teaches an exclusive, customer-focused sales process in 3 carefully crafted phases…

Phase 1 – Professional Certification

In the first phase, your employees will learn our foundational selling system, the 6 Steps to the Perfect Purchase, in 30 bite-sized video lessons. Each of the 30 lessons covers one of the important techniques, nuances, or concepts your employees must master to give your customers amazing service - and give you the sales increases you want.

The lessons are fun, fast-paced, and positive – designed to not only teach but also to engage your sales staff. They’ll finish the program excited about being a retail salesperson and confident that they can do the job.

At the end of this phase, your employee will earn a printable certificate celebrating their accomplishment as a Retail Sales Professional!

Phase 2 – Mastery & Application

As soon as employees complete the last quiz in the Professional Certification phase, they immediately unlock Mastery & Application. This phase is critical for retaining the learning accomplished in Phase 1.

Master & Application is designed to A) combat "the forgetting curve" by reviewing and re-training the most critical concepts in the Professional Certification phase, and B) customize the learning by asking the employee to apply those concepts to the actual situations, products, and services in your store.

Phase 3 – Ongoing Professional Development Library

This phase of the Retail Sales Academy gives you the ability to assign advanced sales training directly to your employees. Have a big event coming up? Assign your team the lesson, Greeting Customers When You're Busy. Notice your average sale is a little low? Assign the chapter, Increase Your Average Sale, and watch as sales soar! It’s designed to keep existing skills sharp and teach NEW advanced concepts. This training turns a good sales team into a team full of selling superstars!

Just like pro athletes continue to learn and practice even when they are at the top of their game, your sales superstars must keep training. Skills start to decline as soon as coaching and training stop. Without reinforcement and re-teaching people forget MOST of what they learn. Study after study has shown that if learning is not reinforced and re-taught, people will forget 90% of what they have learned within ten days. 90%!

From initial training to long-term follow-up, The Retail Sales Academy does it all!

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